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          Lightning PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

          ● For 96, 128, 144 Cavities PET Preform Moulds
          Cycle: 7S/14g/128cav.
          ● Direct-Clamping System
          ● With 3 Station Cooling Robot, Electric Plasticization
          ● Two-Stage Injection

          Demark system allows you gain the same level of specification as European machine but with lower investment cost at the same time.The system can produce with the preform injection molds up to 144 cavities including double screw design high speed injection machine, precision preform injection molds, post cooling take out robot, centralized control system and high efficient material drying system. The results are higher production efficiency, lower investment expense and better preform quality.You can also choose MHT preform injection molds from Germany at the same time.

          Demark also insist on the "turnkey" solution concept by offering preform design and whole plant planning to our customers with more suggestion on various aspects to help our customers keep long term competitive strength in the hyper competitive, changeful consuming market.
          Independent electric screw drive brings you both melting and energy efficiency.
          Synchronous materia melting, plasticization and injection at the same
          ● RELIABLE Direct-Clamping System
          Special design for PET preform mold, which ensures the fast clamping movement and uniform force to the mold.
          The double stage post cooling robot makes the preform perfectly cooled with better cycle time.
          Up to 5 sets of high efficient accumulator ensure the stabillity of high capacity injection.
          Advanced servo valve control technology makes the highly dynamic injection possible.
          BECKHOFF centralized control system special designed for PET production.
          Model  Lightning 400/5500 Lightning 400/6500 Lightning 500/6500
          Injection Unit Srew Diamater mm 120 140 140
          Length L/D 27.5 28.5 28.5
          Theoretical Shot Volume cm3 3800 5888 5888
          Shot Weght g 4560 7066 7066
          oz 161 250 250
          Injection Presure kgf/cm2 1125 1180 1180
          Size (L*W*H) cm 600x210x290 650x210x340
          Clamping Unit Clamping Force  Ton 430 500
          Clamping Stroke mm 680 760
          Max/min thickness of mould mm 500/800 600/1150
          Space Betweem Tie barsw x h mm 930x1020 1024x1340
          Ejector Stroke  mm 200 200
          Ejector Force Ton 23.9+63.6 23.9+63.6
          No.of Ejetor Pins Piece 7+8 13+8
          Maximum System Pressure kgf/cm2 180 180
          Mould CavityMax Cavity 96/128 144/176
          Length of Preform mm 200 200
          Type of Mould  针阀式气封热流道
          Power Unit Pump Motor Power KW 110+119+2.61 110+119+2.8
          Robot Power KW 50.5 87.5
          Mould Heater Capicity KW 89/98 139/153
          Heater Input Capacity KW 90 124 142
          Automatic EMBYRO Robot Muti-station Cooling Device Piece 384 576/704
          External Requirements Power Supply (3-phase AC) V 380 380
          KW 462.25/471.25 496.25/505.25 600.3/614.3
          Chilling Water 5~15 8~12
          Mpa 0.8 0.8
          L/min 1200 1600
          Cooling Water 25 25
          Mpa 0.3 0.3
          L/min 400 600

          * Demark reserves the right to make changes to the products and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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